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In order to maintain the CLD certification, it is necessary to recertify every five years. Recertification requires 70 Continuing Lighting Units (CLU) of education/ professional development.

  • Up to 10 of the 70 CLUs can be from Qualifying Leadership, Authorship and/or Teaching activities related to lighting design, such as serving on a committee, giving a lecture or presenting a paper if the CLD certificant so desires. However, all 70 CLUs can also come from continuing education.
  • Continuing education or professional development is tracked in hour increments. One hour equals 1 CLU. All sessions must be at least one hour in length. If a session is more than one hour in length, additional CLUs will be given in 30 minute or .5 CLU increments. For example:
  • < 60 minutes = no credit
  •    60 minutes = 1 CLU
  •    75 minutes = 1 CLU
  •    90 minutes = 1.5 CLUs
  •  110 minutes = 1.5 CLUs
  •  120 minutes = 2 CLUs
  • No more than 20% of the required 70 Continuing Lighting Units necessary for recertification can come from attending one type of event or conference or particular activity. This means the most CLUs one can earn from any particular activity is 14.
  • All recertification CLUs must relate to one of the seven (7) Domains (Goals and Outcomes, Collaboration, Ingenuity, Synthesis, Science, Stewardship, Human Experience).
  • A CLD certificant must show continuing education and/or professional development CLUs in each of the seven (7) Domains.
  • All recertification CLUs are self-reported and subject to verification. Transcripts, certificates of attendance and agendas may be requested.
  • Recertification fees are $375 USD for professional-level members of approved associations and $475 USD for everyone else.
All recertification hours are self-reported and subject to verification. Transcripts, certificates of attendance and agendas may be requested.

Approved Activities

There are a wide range of continuing education and professional development activities in which a CLD certificant can participate and earn CLUs toward recertification.

These include:

  • Seminars at professional conferences such as IES, SLL, IALD Enlighten conferences, EILD, LEDForum, LEDucation, CIE, PLDC, Light + Building, LIGHTFAIR International, etc.
  • Lighting association conferences
  • Team leadership training
  • Project management courses
  • Selected association chapter events
  • University courses/technical lectures
  • Workshops
  • Online courses
  • Manufacturer’s courses – provided they offer educational content and are not simply a sales pitch
Up to 10 of the 70 required CLUs can be earned from Qualifying Leadership, Authorship and/or Teaching activities:
  • Publication of an article or technical research paper - 2 CLUs
  • Serving as Chairman or Vice Chairman of a committee - 3 CLUs
  • Serving as a committee member – 1 CLU. A maximum of 3 (three) CLUs can be earned in the 5 year recertification period.
  • Giving a lecture or presenting at a conference (each lecture or presentation must be different)-  3 CLUs