What is the CLD?

The Certified Lighting Designer (CLD) certification is the first evidence-based certification in architectural lighting design in the world. The certification process is designed to assess whether an individual is able to operate as a lead architectural lighting designer in a professional and proficient manner.

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    What is required?

    The CLD is a global benchmark of performance, making it a valuable addition to your existing qualifications and portfolio of work. Earning your CLD sets you apart from your competitors by demonstrating to clients that you have a proven track record in meeting high standards of professional practice.


    Art Collector’s Loft | New York, NY USA
    Lighting Design by Richard Renfro, IALD, Sarah Randall, Fabio Tushiya, Andrew Thompson, Renfro Design Group | Photography © Iwan Baan, Iwan Baan Studio

  • What's New?

    CLD Program Welcomes Newest Certificants.

    Download the new 2919 CLD Candidate Handbook Supplement

    Enrique Peiniger, IALD, CLD is featured on the Light Lounge podcast from September 2019.

    Dean Skira, IALD, CLD, Wins Award for Moscow Evolution Tower Lighting

    Yah Li Toh, IALD, CLD is featured in "The Peak" magazine.

    Suzan Tillotson, IALD, CLD is featured on the Light Lounge podcast from April 2019

    Claudia Kappl Joy, IALD, CLD is featured on the Light Lounge podcast.

  • Who is eligible?

    To be eligible, you need at least three years of experience as a lead architectural lighting designer and the ability to demonstrate your professional competency. You will be assessed on written responses and evidence submitted from your portfolio – no tests or specific training are required.


    St. Moritz Church | Ausburg, Germany
    Lighting Design by Mindseye | Photography © Marcus Schröther