CLD Program Welcomes Newest Certificants

The Certified Lighting Designer program would like to congratulate and welcome our most recent certificants.

Andreas Schulz, CLD, IALD - Andreas Schulz has over 30 years in lighting design experience. In 1991, he founded Licht Kunst Licht in Bonn and Berlin simultaneously. Since then, the office has participated in over 800 projects throughout Europe and overseas. It has more than 450 publications and has received numerous internationally recognized lighting design awards.

Julia Hartmann, CLD, IALD - The Principal and Creative Director of lightsphere, an award winning and multi-disciplinary lighting design practice based in Zurich, Switzerland and Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Cheryline Chua, CLD -  Cheryline's expertise covers most lighting applications from interior spaces to exterior landscape and façade lighting. Cheryline's expertise is highly appreciated in KLD as she continues to be involved in designing the lighting for the world’s leading hotel chains such as Hyatt, Marriott and Shangri-la.